Level A1-A2

The student understands simple written and spoken Dutch, as used in Dutch society, and can communicate in it.

We also train people up for level A1 as a preliminary to integration, or in preparation for the integration test abroad. Students learn here all thirty-six written sounds, such as ui/oe/e/ee/b/d, etc. As well as this, the student is offered a thorough and clear basic grammar. We teach the student to do the examination-exercises effectively.

At level A2 you can take the integration examination. You can get by easily in society with the language. With this diploma, you can apply for Dutch Citizenship (passport).

Course: A1 – A2

In five months you will have lessons twice a week in small groups. Our qualified NT2 language trainers are specialized in making their students quickly feel at home. Also in getting the best out of the students. This is also because the maximum size of our groups is 10 students. So it’s not a factory, but personally made-to-measure so that results can be quickly achieved.

Course date: A1-A2

Intensive online evening course starts end March 2022 on the Monday- and Friday evening 19.00 - 20.30. Total 40 sessions with small groups of 5 participants, especially for highly educated. )


Rotterdam Prinsenland start of the new group. Start September 2022.

Eveningcourse in Rotterdam-Centre starts also March 2022. During 70 weeks.